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Womans Gifts brought to you by Gift Find Online

Red Bendel Bracelet- Product Description - The Red Bendel Bracelet - The Red Bendel Bracelet brings Good Luck to those who wear it!
The Red Bendel Bracelet is made with a traditional red string imported from Jerusalem and sterling silver chain and heart. Don't be fooled by cheap imitation Red Bendel Bracelets, these are the originals made with the finest quality material.

Cellular Bracelets  - Never miss another phone call because you couldn't hear your phone!!!! Cellular Bracelets™ are equipped with two flashing LED lights that flash whenever your phone receives/sends a signal (must be within 0-3 feet of your phone).

Nail Dazzle Decorating Kit
Nail Dazzle makes it simple to create beautiful designer nails, just like you'd get at a salon. Under each combo-cap is a regular brush for polishing, and a fine art pen for decorating.Create fabulous French designs, gorgeous fashion forward designs, or outrageous fun and funky designs! And Nail Dazzle's quick drying polish allows you to decorate your nails immediately after applying the base coat.