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Accessories brought to you by Gift Find Online


Red String Bracelet - Product Description - The Red String Bracelet - The Red String Bracelet brings Good Luck to those who wear it!
The Red String Bracelet is made with a traditional red string imported from Jerusalem and sterling silver chain and heart.

Manicure Makeup Set - Everything you need to maintain well-manicured nails and a beautiful face all in one convenient set! Includes cosmetic brushes, nail file, buffer, clippers, cuticle scissors, tweezers and more. Black carrying case.

Ambervue Sunglasses - Two great pairs of glasses!
The original AMBERVUE Sunglasses and
NIGHTVUE Night vision glasses

Cellular Bracelets - Never miss another phone call because you couldn't hear your phone!!!! Cellular Bracelets™ are equipped with two flashing LED lights that flash whenever your phone receives/sends a signal

Cellular Pens - Never miss another phone call because you couldn't hear your phone!!!!  Cellular Pen 3-in-1™ is equipped with an LED light that flashes whenever your phone receives/sends a signal (must be within 0-3 feet of your phone). Cellular Pen 3-in-1™ is also equipped with a UV light can be used as a flashlight or currency counterfeit detector.

Dream Lash - Dream Lash is the nighttime treatment that conditions lashes for a longer, fuller look. Unlike mascara, special proteins penetrate each lash, strengthening and conditioning, helping to produce a more beautiful, youthful look. Hypo-allergenic. Clear. Also thickens and defines eyebrows.

Dream Lips  - Now you can have plump, smooth, soft lips without painful, expensive collagen injections! Dream Lips is a vitamin-enriched conditioner that softens your lips and diminishes the appearance of fine lines. You apply Dream Lips like a lip-gloss, you can wear it alone or under lipstick.

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