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Igia Therma Cleanse

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Igia Therma Cleanse  only $28.95

Igia Therma Cleanse beauty treatment for the face Seaweed body and face treatment.
Igia Therma Cleanse

IGIÁ Therma-cleanse Beauty treatment for the face SEAWEED body and Face Treatment. Unmask your inner beauty! The warm wax is rich seaweed extracts used for thousands of years to revitalize the skin, and it’s also loaded with nourishing sea minerals and multi-vitamins. The warm paraffin wax coats your face like a second layer of skin, locking in heat and moisture, opening up the pores, allowing the age defying nutrients to penetrate deep to loosen dirt, oil and impurities. Plus, IGIA Therma-Cleanse also comes with vitamin-C Serum to help fight and repair the sings of aging… Vitamin-C is also known the help smooth away lines and even out skin tone. Detoxifiying seaweed paraffin mud cleanses, tones and freshens skin, enriched with Vitamin "C" serum, non-greasy , suitable for Sensitive skin.

Igia Therma Cleanse Includes:
  • Igia Therma Cleanse
  • 25 gauze masks and instructional manual
  • Facial applicator brush
  • IGIÁ Therma-Cleanse Instructional Video
  • Vitamin-C Serum, 

    Order more then one, no additional
     shipping or handling charges

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